Cytokine Signalling Forum (CSF)

Cytokine Signalling Forum (CSF) er et nettsted utviklet av University of Glasgow, med uavhengig sponsorstøtte fra Pfizer og tre andre legemiddelfirma. Formålet med nettsiden er å formidle den siste utviklingen innen cytokinsignalisering, og dens implikasjoner for klinisk praksis.

Oversikt over innholdet på nettsiden:

Publications - Summaries and slides for a selection of papers

  • Online viewing
  • Access via Pubmed
  • Download PDF / PPT

CME Courses - Interactive tutorials, videos and assessments (Free from commercial bias)

  • Online training
  • Leading experts sharing their knowledge and experience 
  • Personalised certificate upon completion of the course

Resources - Range of resources including key clinical data

  • Therapy Essentials: Slide set summaries 
  • Litterature Searches
  • CME Course slides
  • Useful Links

Podcasts - Recorded by the steering committee

  • Online listening
  • Download Podcast

Congress Highlights - ACR and EULAR

  • View e-book (Highlights and/or Review)
  • Download PDF

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