The Pfizer symposium “Revising the paradigm: the importance of adult vaccination against respiratory diseases” at ECCMID2021 discussed the prevention of pneumococcal disease in adults. In the presentation “Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination for adults: need for expanded valent conjugate vaccines” by Peter Paradiso, the focus was on the history and differences of polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines and their use in vaccination of the adult population to prevent pneumococcal disease. This infographic presents a timeline of the development of conjugate vaccines, and a comparison of the immune responses induced by each type of vaccine.

ECCMID 2021 References: 

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination for adults: need for expanded valent conjugate vaccines. Peter Paradiso (Pennsylvania, USA). Presented online at ECCMID 2021 on 9 July, 2021. 

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